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About Adath Miqra Emet
Karaite Judaism in South Georgia
Adath Miqra Emet is a Karaite Jewish congregation with an emphasis on Written Torah. The word Miqra meaning the Bible (or that which is read) and Emet meaning Truth translates to Bible Truth. It is the goal of Adath Miqra Emet to bring Biblical Truth to all. As a community, many of our activities are held online and as we continue to grow our community we expect to increase our physical activities to include many more communal activities.

We hold a weekly Prayer service on Thursday nights at 8pm Est.

The Siddur we use is here: AME Online Siddur

The online Siddur allows for all members to practice at home and includes the Hebrew, Transliteration and English for the prayer service. We are currently working on a full Siddur for our community members use.

Publications and citations across the web Podcast

A Blue Thread Interview

Tablet Magazine Article

Travis Wheeler, of Six Star Meat & Poultry, speaks with Jono about what lead him to Karaite Judaism and how he became a Karaite shochet. How does Karaite slaughter differ from an industrial slaughter house, Rabbinic slaughter, and Islamic slaughter?. 

Interview with Shawn Lichaa of in reference to Karaite Shechita. 

This article was done featuring Karaites from all over the world.

Tablet Magazine Article

The Karaite Press

A Blue Thread

The Karaite Press is the ultimate English written book publisher. The Karaite Press is vital in the process of bringing Karaite works to English speakers.

The Karaite Press
A Blue Thread is a Karaite blog started and maintained by Shawn Lichaa of the Karaite Jews of America. This blog has a wealth of knowledge about Karaite Jewish topics.

A Blue Thread
Avraham ben Adam (Travis Wheeler) is on where he plans to post his free material. Please stay tuned.


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