Adath Miqra Emet Library

The Adath Miqra Emet Library is here for your use

This Library is here for your use. It includes some basic information on Karaite Judaism as well as some practical information for living the Karaite Life.

Basic Documents

Prayer Service

Biblical Kashrut

Daily Blessings

The online prayer service is here for the use of all. Please feel free to download it for individual use.

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Biblical Kashrut was written to provide those who are outside of a community setting to make conscious decisions on Kashrut and to understand Kashrut on a basic level.

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The below blessings are daily blessings said by Karaites:

Blessing Over the Bread (Audio)

Blessing Over the Wine (Audio)     

Havdalah (Audio)               (TEXT)

Membership Application

Karaite OMER App

Karaite Calendar

If you are interested in becoming a part of our community, please complete our membership application. You can download it here.

Membership Application
The Karaite OMER APP by the Karaite Jews of America is here and can be downloaded:


The Karaite Calendar for the year 5778 is attached below:

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Upcoming Holidays
Yom Teruah (Day of Shouting)  - 9/22/17
Yom Hakkuppurim - 10/1/17
Sukkot - 10/6/17
Fast of Gedaliah - 10/15/17
Fast of  10th of the 10th Month - 12/29/17

Karaite Bless App

The Karaite Bless APP by Universal Karaite Judaism is here and can be downloaded: